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Sunil Newatia
2 min readMar 14, 2022

Crush anything anywhere, be it hills, river banks, demolition sites, difficult to access regions with Mini Mobile Rubble Crusher.

Be it a NHAI project or a PMGSY or PWD, Rubble Crusher is a perfect solution for crushing and processing rocks and stones. Contractors looking for higher productivity, speedier project execution, ease of machine transportation cannot ignore Rubble Crusher. They can get crusher material not only for their own project but they can also generate additional revenue by selling excess material in the market.

Contractors undertaking road construction and other infra projects in hilly regions, difficult to access areas can gain maximum benefit from Rubble Crusher.

Contractors can easily lug the RubbleCrusher behind their vehicle and transport it to the site. The equipment can be set up in minutes and ready for use. No need now for collection of raw material locally and then brought to the project site where these boulders are manually crushed into aggregates of 20mm.

Being a hard rock, the productivity can be a challenge and Rubble Crusher overcomes this problem by crushing sufficient material to meet the projects requirements.

Customers now need not depend on aggregates suppliers incurring higher costs for the material and project delays and cost overruns due to supply chain disruptions.

Meeting project deadlines can result in lower costs and higher profits. Rubble Crusher can ensure a productivity of upto 50 mt/hour against the currently popular crusher buckets which produce almost half of this.

Rubble Crusher can crush material at appx Rs. 30 per m3 while a crusher bucket with an excavator can easily cost you almost 3 times this amount.

Customer can easily save / make extra profit of upto 15 lakhs per month by using a Rubble Crusher

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