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2 min readFeb 1, 2022

Dr.Digger-Simex plate & wheel compactors are designed to compact any surface. Vibrating plate compactors are an excellent solution for achieving a solid, even and well compacted trench bottom that will never give way. Our compactors deliver high impulse force with superior performance through hydraulically-operated eccentric action. Greater vibration forces generate stress waves in loose soil, removing the soil’s air and voids and compacting the particles closer together. This greater impulse action works with the carrier’s downward forces to cohesively compact clay-type soils.

Built Tough

Our compactors are built for the very demanding job sites — featuring heavy-duty direct drive motors, durable rubber shock mounts and double row, spherical roller bearings.

Advantages of Dr.Digger-Simex compactors:
Oil flow control valve

Our versatile compactors can work virtually anywhere your excavator or backhoe boom can reach — in trenches, over and around pipe. They can work close to foundations, around obstructions, and even on steep slopes or rough terrain.Take your machine to the next level

Our compactor is designed and built to meet customers’ demands for increased job site productivity by enhancing the functionality of their machine. Our compactors are suitable for:

· Mini excavator attachments

· Full-size excavator attachments

· Backhoe attachments

· Wheel loader attachments

· Aggregate and Soil Compaction

· Steep Slope Compaction

· Soil Stabilization

· Waste Compaction at Waste Transfer Stations

· Breaking up frozen material, such as coal or salt

· Compacting anywhere a boom can go

Dr.Digger is your trusted friend when it comes to proper advise on use of Excavator and Loader attachments.

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Transforming the way you use your machines

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