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When the weather turns cold and the snow starts to fall, wheel loaders move from construction sites to snow-covered areas. These high-capacity, high-reach, high-visibility loaders have shown their great worth in snow removal applications. Wheel loaders can be more productive, safer and easier on fuel and tire wear.

With the operator sitting higher and looking down on the attachment and the areas surrounding the machine, they are able to more easily manoeuvre the machine and avoid possible obstructions.

With a high operator cab, articulation or all-wheel drive and a quick-attach hook up system to utilize attachments, wheel loaders can change from loading material to plowing snow, to removing ice with a broom, spreading salt and brine to augering holes very quickly.

Like buying any machine, you need to ask following questions: What will be your year-around applications? What are your snow attachment options? Are you operating in tight areas or big parking lots? Is turning radius and stability an issue? How about comfort and visibility? How loads, travel speed and terrain will affect the size and model that will meet your performance expectations?

The snow push is also a great solution for clearing large areas where precise plowing may not important. The most efficient way is to use the wheel loader is in combination with a hydraulic blade. This allows you to do snow removal such as sidewalks and curbing by moving the snow further away from the road.

Cutting edges are the most common component for wear due to the fact that it is the contact point with the surface being plowed. Most times the surface is abrasive as well as uneven or may have obstructions such as manhole covers. Blades with a trip edge is available to help minimize damage from obstructions but higher wear is inevitable.

Wheel loaders are extremely versatile machines because they can go from loading work to snow removal as quickly as the snow can fall. For contractors who face constant climate changes, wheel loaders are ideal for moving all types of material including snow. Wheel loader use for snow removal can be justified through the lower operating costs and its ability to outperform in operations of snow removal.

Whether it’s the summer months or snow season, a wheel loader is a one-machine powerhouse able to adapt and handle projects despite the ever-changing elements.

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